°8. 10. 2016   TAAB FROM TRIER   Dejvicka Klubovna, Prague°

Bratranci Veverkove organized an excellent concert by Jethro Tull Revival from Trier, Germany - the band Thick As A Brick - in Dejvicka Klubovna (Clubroom Dejvicka) on Saturday, October 8, 2016.

In the first part of this photogallery you can find photos from that evening by Petr Makovicka for which we hereby thank him very much.

In the second part you can find photos by Jiri Klement - The first photo is from Czech Budejovice (including GPS coordinates of the place that it was taken just like the majority of other photos not only in this gallery) and it documents the poster inviting to Prague's Dejvicka Klubovna put up as far away as South Bohemia - Jiri thanks for your help in the promotion and also for more photos from the event!

There follows a very interesting mini-gallery of four photos by our Jaromir The Old Man Squirrel (Dedek Veverka) which captures different and whimsical stuffs, boxes and Thick As A Brick Christoph Marx's flutes: Jaromir thanks to you!

And the last photo series documents the whole of Prague's visit program of "foreign Limpets & Jethro delegation" on 5 to 8 October 2016. It was Wednesday's (5th October) concert in Blues Sklep (where The Limpets and Thick As A Brick - respetively their fraction who came to Prague in the "first batch" - came to listen to the true and genuine Czech-Breton music performed by music band Jull Dajen) and Thursday's concert by The Limpets and Pink Floyd acoustic duo in Jamm Club, Friday's "Beatles style" rioting in the Irish pub performed by The Irish Times and, of course, Saturday's concert in Dejvicka Klubovna, where besides Thick As a Brick the Martin Chick Blues Jam played in a very unconventional line-up (flute was whistled by our Squirrel Old Man, drums were played by Thick As a Brick's Daniel Thull and the blues guitar of Martin Chik's, who the night before injured his wrist, was famously replaced by Paul Kovacz of Red Baron Band. And more so because Martin could play blues on his blow harmonica!) mighty Red Baron Band acted as an opening act to the featured stars of the evening THICK AS a BRICK came to play. And the last photo of this gallery shows their mighty playlist they had exactly played song by song at Dejvicka Klubovna on that night.

Thanks to everyone involved both on stage and in the audience for brilliantly successful Prague-Trier's mini tour concerts.

Photos (c) Petr Makovicka

Photos (c) Jiri Klement & col.

Photos (c) Dedek Veverka

Photos (c) Bilbo Veverka & col.


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