°Squirrels and the Beast°


Dear lady or lord,
You are welcome to learn about
the fellowship of bards as this story develops:

Well ,well, once upon a time, it was over the nine hills, nine rivers and several firewalls, in a fabulous, large , royal city called Prague, that venerable Jeffrey the Squirrel sat down to surf in the unfathomable waters of internet on a summer day in the month of August 2004 A.D.

On his voyage he reached the coast of the chatting sea Burdock on which to get an amazing reading and hearing about the mighty whistler Ian Anderson by name and his band Jethro Tull to whom Jeffrey himself had long been the fan and follower.

He got into discussion with the city locals and prevailed on them to take up their swords and battle-axes and join him in the fight against the beast
OBLIVION who was eager to disperse their fellowship and their likes as well. His goal was to hold high the light of the celebrities, keep their names in mind and recall them in the jousts on the local stages for the benefit of all for ever.

Sir Jeffrey´s wish was granted and two more artists stood by him, the brave lutanist Bilbo the Squirrel and the famed whistler Daddy the Squirrel. Ath the inn of Na Slamniku the fellows swore themselves in spreading the music of Jethro Tull far and wide. Together they went abroad seeking other knights and dauntless fighters to join with in fighting the beast
OBLIVION. On their journey they met a lot of infidels who just sought themselves in ignorance of the art of music.

September 2004 A.D.
After many failures the griveous fellows put their request in the web and browsed through the advertisements of others. Luck would have it and the reputable drummer Cliff the Squirrel appeared in a due course. He finally agreed to join the fellowship on the basis of generous ideas instilled in him. Then they were four strong and even more cheerful.

The fellow-travellers also asked for help at the Tull Abbey who lent them the monk Meyer. A good fellow-traveller as he seemed to be, unfortunately he wasn´t able to fully come to terms with the electric lute thus he left in a course of time and returned peacefully to the monastery.

January 2005 A.D.
Long had the bards been rehearsing and travelling over the world when suddenly the news was made known by Bilbo the Squirrel about the possibility of taking on the mighty minnesinger Ian Hunter for the benefit of their deal. He was used to taking pleasure in performing dextrously the songs of Jethro Tull to his female listeners. Hardly had he been approached when his words came to be stronger than his deeds and as easy as he had come he had gone.
Heavy at their hearts felt the bandsmen one more time.

February to April 2005 A.D.
With their faith put to the test their obstinate perseverance yielded profit at last and they met the brave and hard-core followers who joined them on the lines of the king Arthur´s knights.
First came Evan the Squirrel, a dextrous harper, whose swift fingers were to play a major role in the up-coming encounters.

On Jeffrey´s invitation two old friends of his, who had fought battles on his side before, joined the fellowship. One of them was the generous minstrel Bulik the Squirrel, the other was the dextrous lutist Marty the Squirrel who mastered various arts of fights and passed them on to his friends.

Our heroes got together eventually and they were seven strong just as the number of weekdays. They appeared to be fated for each other because, as it became clear, they all had the same grand-uncles and they were cousins, the Squirrel Cousins.

The Squirrel Cousins were then strong enough and could work magic to be able to fight the beast
OBLIVION. Luck would have it and they were invited by their fellow-bowmen Jull Dajen to do the battle arm in arm. So was the alliance made.

On the sixht weekday, the twelfth of June 2005 A.D. it was on the rugby field of Ricany that our fellowship of the cousins encountered
OBLIVION with all their might. Heavily encouraged by the onlookers they took up their instruments eleven times and cut the beast to the quick, still deeper and more sorely until it gave a last shriek. They were victorious after the dreadful and bloody battle in which they got countless numbers of wounds themselves. Mortally wounded the beast crept away to its cave and no one has ever seen it so far. That was the end of the famous battle of Ricany.

However it transpires
OBLIVION isn´t dead. It´s living in its hiding place, licking its wounds, awaiting its time to come again.

The Squirrel Cousins are on the alert ready to strike back.

Dear lady or lord, please come and see them in the next battles to come.
You can be a part of the story
which begins
right now…

Jeffrey Veverka, great grandnephew
translation by Pavtullix the Rhymer

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