°6. 6. 2015   10 YEARS SQUIRREL ANNIVERSARY   Kain, Prague°

Once we celebrated our tenth birthday in Kain and besides by blood to us related band Pink Floyd revival IT Crowd there also came two Cats, Jezinka and Zdenek (who was just having jolly jethro time and who we named - first on business purpose and later permanently Cats of Jezinka's Cousin and Zdenek) and bluesman Martin Chik.

All the members of the very first line-up arrived, who are not playing with us any more, so we played SIX songs in the same line-up as we played our first gig exactly ten years ago (with the shift of SIX days only).

The vocal historic piece King Henry's Madrigal which was written for Jethro Tull among others by the King Henry VIII of England, in the early 16th century can be found in rendition of the occasional band "Cats of Jezinka's Cousins and Zdenek" here: youtube or more: mp3.

The favourite blues songs to the inventor of the seed drill Sir Jethro Tull Stormy Monday Blues and We're Gonna Boogie performed by the bluesman Martina Chik and the occasional band "Squirrel Jam" is found here: youtube or mp4.

The favourite songs to Sir Pink Floyd’s (who also invented something in England, but unfortunately it is already forgotten what exactly it was) Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Learn To Fly in rendition by the Pink Floyd revival IT Crowd can be found here: youtube or mp3.

And you can find some other recordings from that night, i.e. those played by our regular line-up today or the one from the years 2004 - 2007 which very rarely got togehter on the stage of Kain at the occasion of the tenth birthday of Squirrel Cousins. See our youtube channel, dig it a little and find our videos. ; - )
 There follow the galleries originally named on business purpose and later permanently Art and Document 
Photos (c) Lukas Hamacek, the poster and banner (c) Helen Cubova

Photos (c) Martin Jansa


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