and Bratranci Veverkove°

Jethro Tull (*1674, †1741)
English agricultural reformer, inventor and musician.
Detailed study of church organ mechanism
inspired him to invented his seed-drill, just from organ pedal.
Jethro Tull (*1967)
English folkrock and progressrock legend.
Leader of the band, Ian Anderson, gather his musical inventions from the life and the era of sir Tull. Few knows, that 16-year old Ian in the 1963 visit the land of Pardubice (Czechoslovak Republic), birthplace of Veverka cousins.
His father, mr. James Anderson, sales representat of RSA Boiler Fluid Company, come here to sign a contract with the VCHZ Synthesia, a local chemistry plant. Mr. Anderson take his family along. Young Ian surprisingly discovered here the paralell between Tull and Veverkas, not only in the craft but too musical. This event stigmatise his musical career.

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Bratranci Veverkove
Frantisek (*1796, †1849) and Vaclav (*1799, †1849)
Veverkove cousins were Czech peasents, craftsmans, inventors and musicians.
They framed unit called "ruchadlo", the first modern plough in middle Europe. Many informations gather more educated Frantisek from correspondence with grandson of mr. Tull,
from whom he get fragments of Tulls musical ideas and of course, his revolutionary book Horse-hoeing Husbandry.

     bratranci Veverkove [cz] = Squirrel cousins [en]

Bratranci Veverkove (*2004)  
Czech cousins, plays mr. Jethro Tulls songs in the way, how they were rearanged by their granduncles.
BRATRANCI VEVERKOVE hraji skladby, ktere napsal sir JETHRO TULL
BRATRANCI VEVERKOVE (Veverka Cousins) play songs written by Sir JETHRO TULL
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